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2 Process Operation Troubleshooting & Plant Shutdown Systems course material


3 Advanced Production & Operation Techniques course material and ppt


4 Advanced Production & Operation Techniques course presentation


5 Artificial lift course material


6 Basic for Petroleum Engineering course material


7 basic oil and gas production course ppt part1


7 basic oil and gas production course ppt part2


 7 basic oil and gas production course ppt part3


7 basic oil and gas production course ppt part4


 7 basic oil and gas production course ppt part5


 8 Basic Production Technology course material


 9 basic surface production facilities course material


10 chilled control course material


11 Completion & WO course material




13 process safety courses HSE


14 DCS Course material


15 ESP course material and presentation


16 ESP COURSE material


17 ESP System Design & Troubleshooting course material


18 Formation Damage and acidizing course presentation


19 Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering course presentation


20 gas lift course document and presentation


21 introductions to petroleum industry


22 sucker rod pumping course presentation


23 motor protection course material


24 Piping Course material


25 pumps and compressors course material


26 steam injection course material


27 oil and gas processing course material


28 oil and gas production course material


29 piping for sour system material


30 PRODUCTION ENGINEERING course presentation


31 Troubleshooting and Problem Solving of PLCs & SCADA course material


32 Instrumentation Basic Module Revision course material


33 Data Communications Systems course material


34 instrumentation commissioning troubleshooting course material


35 instrumentation and control course material


36 Arabic leadership course material and presentation


37 LPG Technology course material


38 LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gases course material


39 slickline Art course presentation


40 Artificial Lift course material


41 Wire line Course material and presentation


42 well stimulation course material


43 process safety courses


 44 tank maintenance course material and presentation


45 Scale and corrosion Course material and presentation


46 Production Problem Solving course material


47 process measurements course material


48 Reservoir introduction course presentation


49 corrosion course material


50 gas processing course material


 51 Gas Processing course material 2


52 well Stimulation Course presentation


53 Welltest Manuals document


 54 Scada and plc course material


55 storage tanks course material


 56 artificial lift course presentation


57 Project Management course material


 58 pumps, compressors, and valves material


59 pump technology documents and presentation


60 well test operation course material


61 preventive maintenance material


62 leadership and management material


63 Natural Gas Production Technology & Distillation course material


64 Oil facilities-Enppi course material and ppt


65 Production operation course presentation


66 Production FLUID introduction course material and ppt


67 Bulk Storge Tank Course




69 preventive maintenance planning


70 Basic Production Technology course presentation


71 corrosion inhibition course material


72 ESP COURSE material


73 Course in Pumps doc and ppt


74 Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering course presentation


75 Gas Conditioning course material and ppt


 76 Gas processing course ppt


77 Gas Processing 2 course ppt


78 LNG COURSE material


79 welding inspector course presentation


80 pipeline Pigging course


81 surface prod operation course ppt


82 Water Injection and quality course ppt


83 corrosion lectures presentation


84 Corrosion COURSES ppt




86 Corrosion Level 2 ppt


87 Corrosion Master - Enppi Course ppt


88 Corrosion Inhibitors- Enppi Course ppt


89 Cathodic Protection - Enppi Course ppt


90 Well completion & Workover Operation course ppt


91 Well Services course ppt


92 Surface production operation Course


93 principles seismic interpretation


94 electrical protection course material


95 ASME B31.3 Process Piping ppt


96 instrumentation and process control ppt


97 EOR-course presentation


98 (Instrumentation) process control


99 overview of production operation course material


100 Completion Fluids course ppt


101 production & Workover Operation ppt


102 Process Safety management psm material


103 NACE Cathodic Protection 1 Course Manual


104 NACE Cathodic Protection 2 Course Manual


105 NACE cathodic Protection 3 Course Manual


106 NACE Cathodic Protection 4 Course Manual


107 NACE Coating Inspector Program Level 1 Manual


108 NACE Coating Inspector Program Level 2 Manual




110 NACE -CP Interference


111 Nace Internal Corrosion for Pipelines course—Advanced


112 NACE Internal Corrosion Basic


113 Nace Basic Corrosion course material


114 Nace-International corrosion-Reporting


115 Relief Valve and Flare Design ppt


116 Instrumentation Basic Module material


117 tank gauge material


118 chemical management course


119 oil field Laboratory Tests


120 plant process and operation course doc


121 Introduction to Production operation course doc


122 production facilities course doc


123 Gas Processing- course- word


124 gas processing word course


125 Liquefied Petroleum Gases course doc


126 LPG Technology course word


127 Plant & Equipment Start up & Shutdown Planning


128 process course word


129 surface production facilities course


130 Natural Gas Production Technology & Distillation doc




132 test separator course doc


133 Gas processing course   ppt


134 Gas Processing course 2 doc and ppt


135 Gas Processing- Gasco course ppt


136 LNG course2 word


137 Masria  Gas processing course ppt


138 Natural gas treatment DEHYDRATION & SWEETENING ppt


139 Oil Production & Processing word and ppt


140 oil and gas Separator general ppt


141 ESD_system ppt


142 Explosion Proof Course ppt


143 Water Treatment & Water Injection course-word


144 Water Injection & Treatment course


145 compressor course ppt part1


145 compressor course ppt part2


146 Compressor training course


147 Compressor Design


148 Compressors Training Course


149 Reciprocating Compressor Vibration ppt


150 contract management doc and ppt


151 WellControl course document


152 Wireline Operations Training Manual


153 Perforation Presentation


154 Aberdeen Drilling School manual


155 well Stimulation course material 2




157 Chemical Hazards


158 Defensive driving


159 Lifting course crane and forklift


160 Electrical equipment and switch gears course


161 Maintenance planning course


162 preventive maintenance course material-book-ppt


163 Aramco chemical injection material


164 Asphaltene


165 Bacteria Course SRB


166 CAPEX oil field chemicals


167 demulsifier and deoiler doc and ppt


168 Drag Reducer


169 Foam and Antifoam


170 H2S Scavenger doc and ppt


171 oil field Microbiology course


172 Paraffin Nalco Training course USA


173 Paraffin presentation


174 SRB test, problems and corrosion


175 oil field chemical management course doc


176 pipe line course


177 heat exchanger- Enppi course


178 Introduction and overview of oil and gas operations

Origin of oil – Reservoir – Exploration – Drilling – Completion – Production – Separation – Refinery … etc.

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Documents and Presentations

Overview of petroleum operations presentations


Introduction to Production course (word)


Crude oil separation (Presentation and short video)


Refinery -distillation (presentations)


Basics of pressure and temperature…etc.


Overview of petroleum industry


Geology and origin of oil

Formation properties



Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3






Wellhead and flow lines





179 Production Engineering course 2020 Abbas




180 production Engineering Course-Heriot watt university




181 Reservoir engineering Course -Heriot watt university




182 production Engineering great -course




183  API 570  course for . Kuwait Petroleum Corporation




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